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Our Product Overview lists the most important products and their properties, ordered by product groups. Product Overview here.

Our general catalog contains information about products which are currently approved within the German Law for use only by persons authorised to do so by the Medicines Act (§ 10 HWG), as amended (Veterinarian, Doctor med., Dentist, Pharmacist, and other persons) according to the legal category of the product. Please register here.

Furthermore, the product line of our company contains Feed Additive Products for the optimal growth of racing horses and camels. For more informations about our Animal Food Supplements click here. We also offer a large range of feed additive products in order to maintain healthy hooves but also for the hygiene of the hooves of the horses and ruminants.


PDFCatalog: Feed Additive Products for Horses and Camels   PDF-Download
PDFCatalog: Feed Additive Products for Cats and Dogs   PDF-Download
PDFCatalog: Horse and Cattle Health Hoof Care   PDF-Download


For human use we offer a large range of dietetic and natural products based on vitamins, minerals or trace elements of the mark PROSTYLE and phytotherapeutical, dietetic products based on medical herbs (Bioflavonoid), plant extracts, in the form of tea, tablets capsules and highly effective cream of the mark AMER. Informations about AMER Tea you will get here.

PDFCatalog: PROSTYLE   PDF-Download

You can order all products (including PROSTYLE and AMER) via email. Please contact us for more informations about our products and services.

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